This is about were to find your wallpaper, there are wallpapers in many sizes. We have landscape wallpapers for on your xbox, playstation and computer/laptop. And we have the standing wallpapers for on your mobile phone. There are wallpapers in many resolutions the most common resolution for a landscape wallpaper is 1920*1080, we call that a hd wallpaper, for a mobile wallpaper is 640*960. If your screen has an higher resolution than your image you can try a higher resolution for better quality. But the final quality of your wallpaper depends on the quality and resolution of your own screen. So if you are looking for a wallpaper in hd you can try here. There is also something new also known as 4k. 4k has a resolution of 3840* 2160 pixels and it will give you a wonderfull experience. But im sure soon we will see also 8k or more. Technology is going really fast. As you imagine it's only a couple of years ago that they introduced the first smarthphone. So those are a few points to keep an eye on when you choose your wallpapers. Soon we will talk further about wallpapers in eyemax.